DIY Emoji Elbow Patches

Guys, I haven’t done any emoji DIYs yet!! How have I let this happen?! I realized this the other, and now that my blog has been up and running for a few months, it’s almost criminal that I haven’t done anything emoji-related yet. I used to post so many emoji projects when I was just blogging on Instagram (emoji donuts, crochet emoji ornaments) that I figured it’s time I break out my emoji speak and show you another DIY with everyone’s favorite smiley faces! So since Fall is right around the corner (and I have a strange love for elbow patches), we’re getting you ready for Fall the only way we know how; with EMOJI ELBOW PATCHES of course! These are super simple to make and they’ll definitely up your Fall sweater game! Let’s get you ready for sweater weather with the tutorial below!

The shocked face kills me every time! It looks like he’s frightened of being put on a sweater! Ha!


A sweater you want the patches to go on
Iron-on sheet in the colors you need (I bought mine here)
An electronic cutter or cricut machine if you would like 
A cotton t-shirt


1. Use your paper cutter to cut out the eyes, mouth, etc of the emojis. If you are not using a paper cutter, print out the emojis the size you would like them to be, cut out each of their features, trace them onto the corresponding color of iron-on sheet, and cut them out of the iron-on sheet.

2. Follow the instructions on your iron-on sheets for how to apply. For mine, I had to remove a backing and place the emoji on the sweater. I then placed a cotton t-shirt over the emoji and used the iron on a medium setting to press down where the emoji was placed.

3. When you are ironing the images onto the sweater, apply the yellow face of the emoji first, then lower the iron setting to low and place the eyes, mouth, etc on top of the face and repeat step 2. Be careful to not iron for too long when you repeat step 2 or you will burn the original layer. 

4. To keep these intact for the longest amount of time, make sure to wash on cold and a low setting when you do laundry. 

How much fun are these?! I’m definitely not happy that I’ll have to be wearing sweaters soon, but I’ll totally be more okay with it knowing that I have a really shocked-looking emoji on my elbows at all times!

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