DIY Edible Decorating Confetti

You guys all know how much I love confetti. The phrase is pretty much in every bio I’ve ever had to write; “loves confetti.” So when I found out edible confetti is a thing, and that it’s made with just rice paper, I went crazy. Did you guys know that edible confetti exist and you just hadn’t told me?? Anyways, I’ve never been a fan of those “confetti sprinkles” because they don’t really look like confetti, so I set out to make my own edible confetti with the easiest and most rewarding dessert DIY you’ll ever make. You know what this all means too?! You can have your party and EAT IT too! Find out how below! And it’s as easy as just coloring some sheets of rice paper!

We need to talk about these cupcakes for a second too. I got them from Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Brooklyn, and I walked about 5 miles to get them, but they were SO worth it! The vanilla bean one is everything you would ever dream a vanilla bean cupcake to be. Plus, they came in the cutest pink box I have ever seen in my life! (I might have even gone all that way just for this box)


Rice paper (I got mine here)
Fringe scissors/normal scissors
Hole punch (If you want round confetti)
Food coloring, gel food coloring, or spray food coloring  


1. Color the rice paper. I tried out various methods, which all seem to work on different levels. The gel food coloring and the spray food coloring worked the best because they didn’t get the paper too wet. You can apply the gel food coloring with a paintbrush and treat the rice paper as if you were painting a canvas. (Which gives you the option of creating a pattern)! If you choose to use the spray coloring, follow the instructions on the bottle, and don’t use too much or else the paper will wrinkle. 

2. Once your paper has dried completely and you have the colors you want, use fringe scissors or normal scissors to cut out little squares. I used the fringe scissors because it was a lot faster and it was easier to keep the confetti around the same size. 

3. Mix it all up in a container, throw some edible confetti, and enjoy your baked goods!

(You can also use fondant to create edible confetti too, I just prefer the taste of rice paper over fondant)

I love the look that this gives opposed to sprinkles, and I will definitely be keeping a container of this in my cupboard for next time I need to decorate desserts while also having a little fun doing it! You could even make a confetti popper with it and go wild with your cake decorating!

For more fun party ideas, make sure to follow my Pinterest board, Party Hard!

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  1. This is so AWESOME!! I have 2 questions: how long does it last on frosting before it breaks down? How long does it keep in the jar after it's been made into confetti? Thanx for the tutorial & taking the time to answer my questions. You rock!

    1. Thanks so much! I've had mine on frosting in the fridge for 3 days now, and the rice paper hasn't changed at all! If you keep it in a container in a cool, dry place, it should last for up to 2 years. As long as it doesn't touch anything with too much moisture, it shouldn't dissolve. Hope that helps! 🙂

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