DIY Cactus Pumpkins

I’ve never been one for Holiday decor, and I’d much rather decorate my apartment with pineapples than pumpkins. SO, when this idea for cactus pumpkins came to mind, I knew what my next Halloween decorating decision was going to be; PUMPKINS DECORATED LIKE CACTI! And we all know I have an obsession with cacti, I even have a prickly pear tattooed on my arm, so I was definitely excited about showing you guys this project. It’s super easy and a fun way to spice up yesterday’s boring pumpkin. Grab your spray paint and hot glue gun, we’re showing you how to turn your pumpkin into cacti! AND there’s a printable page below for the arms and flowers to make your DIY-ing that much easier! Get going!


Pumpkins in various sizes (I looked for tall ones for the cacti with arms)
Spray paint in green 
Colored paper in green, yellow, pink, and orange
Hot glue gun

1. Spray paint your pumpkins in whatever green color you would like. While you are waiting for them to dry, print out the cactus arms from the link below and cut them out of your colored paper. Cut flower petals out of the colored paper in sizes appropriate to the size of your pumpkins.

2. Use your hot glue to glue the flower petals in a circle to form a flower. Glue the flower to the top of the pumpkin and the arms to the sides of the taller pumpkins. Add white paper for cactus prickles if you would like.

3. Celebrate Halloween desert-style!

Fall is definitely going to be get a lot more cuter with these babies! Can’t wait to see all of your versions! Remember: cactus makes perfect!

DOWNLOAD your free, printable cacti pieces here!

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