Aww Sam NYC Tour – Guide To New York’s Best Macarons

We’re back with another installment of the Aww Sam NYC Tour, and today we’re bringing you a New York (and everywhere) favorite and all time winner of the prettiest dessert award, MACARONS! Not to be confused with macaroons, macarons are meringue-based, delightful little pillows for your taste buds. There are SO many places to get macarons in New York City, and we’ve saved you all of the hassle of trying to find the best of the best by going to 7 of the most famous NYC macaron spots and finding some of the craziest flavors! I hope you’re ready to be hungry, because there are 30+ macarons below calling your name, and without further ado, it’s time for the Aww Sam NYC Tour: Macaron Edition!

These might be the most fun thing I’ve ever photographed. I LOVE doing these NYC tours for you guys because the photos always end up being so full of color. It’s like an instant happy when I get to work on one of these posts (plus, I get to eat all of the food when I’m done with the photos, so I’m obviously excited about that)!

Dana’s Bakery – birthday cake//fruity cereal//cookie dough//peanut butter & jelly//orange creamsicle

Laduree – earl grey//vanilla bean//marie antoinette//rose petal

La Maison du Macaron – coffee//lemon//pistachio//pink champagne//strawberry

Macaron Parlour – s’mores//elvis, red velvet//cheetos//matcha//pistachio

Sugar and Plumm – strawberry poppy//banana chocolate//brownie//violet cassis

Bouchon Bakery – vanilla//caramel//coconut//pistachio//chocolate, 

Francois Payard – pistachio//raspberry lychee//coffee//passion fruit//pumpkin spice

Favorites – Our favorites were the s’mores and peanut butter & jelly from Dana’s Bakery, the elvis from Macaron Parlour, the vanilla bean from Laduree, and the coffee from La Maison du Macaron.

Least Favorite – I really did not like the passion fruit from Francois Payard, but not liking passion fruit flavor is becoming a pattern for me since I didn’t like the passion fruit donut last time either. We also didn’t care too much for the rose petal from Laduree, mostly because it tastes like you’re eating a flower (so if you’re into that, you’ll love this one, ha!)

Most Popular – Laduree and Bouchon Bakery are definitely the shops I’ve heard the most about. In fact, when I first moved to New York, all of my classmates would talk about Laduree and we would go there for special occasions to get macarons. (These are the shops most tourists know about, so be aware that they’re pretty crowded!) 

Honorable Mention – This area is just to talk about the cheetos one from Macaron Parlour. Yes, it tasted like those cheetos, and it wasn’t good nor bad. It literally just tasted like a cheese macaron, which is a little weird, but I could see savory macarons tasting pretty good! Totally needed to give the cheetos one a shout-out, since it was the weirdest flavor we picked up! 

Hope you had fun on our macaron tour of NYC! If you want to follow along on more Aww Sam NYC Tours, you can follow my Pinterest board here or check the hashtag #awwsamnyctour!

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