Weekend Round-Up

I recently got to partner with Soma Water for their creative profiles series and talk about what hydrates my craft. And the post went live on their blog this week, so go check that out to hear me talk about my love of donuts, Surrealist film, and what got me started baking!

I’m SO excited about this weekend because we’re finally putting a white floor in the studio! It may seem silly to get excited over a white floor (especially when the floor is perfectly nice wood flooring right now), BUT having a white floor will make taking photos so much easier for me! So check back next week because the Aww Sam studio will have gotten a big makeover! 

So it’s starting to get colder out, and I really don’t want Summer to end. Wahhh I absolutely hate New York winters. I have so many more projects for Summer I want to do, and I’m not ready to get into the season of so many dark colors and Holidays. (I secretly hate having to do Holiday or seasonal projects) I’m deeming next week “Don’t Leave, Summer” week and there will probably be a lot of last minute popsicle and ice cream projects just to keep our dreams of Summer all day, everyday alive!

Links to die of cuteness and laughter for:
SAY WHAT?! I’m always on the lookout for fun shoes, and these are great
Forever21 has really stepped up their game, they even sell things like this jacket now
I will never be able to afford these, but they are pretty much the most amazing things ever
These plates are adorable and I want enough for a dining set
I’m dying over the print of this dress. Another reason I don’t want fall: no more pretty dresses
And here is a really cute sloth video. Sloth videos are always good

Things to make and desserts to devour:

These tootsie roll pretzels are genius and would be great for cupcake toppers
Ashley of Sugar & Cloth wrote a really great post on her feelings about social media 
So many unicorn pinatas going around, and this one is MINI!
You should probably be munching on these tetris cookies all weekend
You always need a little more rainbow in your life, so try out these funfetti pretzels
If you’re making a cake soon, these fruit cake toppers are sure to be a hit

Have a great weekend!

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