Weekend Round-Up!

It’s the weekend guys, go have some never ending fun! I’ve got side bangs and a new motto and I’m ready for the freakin’ weekend!

I’ll be spending the weekend working on some projects for next week and wishing I could take another vacation. We have some really FUN things planned! Anddd if you haven’t heard from my Instagram post, I’m trying to post four times a week now with a Weekend Round-Up every Friday. Each post will go live at 10am EST, so make sure to come back around every morning so you don’t miss out on the fun! (I got 4/5 posts done this week, so I’d say that’s a success. I’m only a one woman show…for now, anyways! Be on the lookout for a call for interns!)
Links to die of cuteness and laughter for:

I started watching Difficult People on Hulu and I’m obsessed
May need to buy this bank. It’s gold AND shaped like a balloon, ultimate combo
The Great British Bake Off is back on so you bet your butts I’ll be catching up on that this weekend!
Disco ball shoes! I will definitely be buying these and wearing them to a wedding this fall
Things to make and desserts to devour:

Psst, it’s National S’mores Day on Monday and these technicolor s’mores would be great to make!
Jenni of I Spy DIY is hosting a DIY denim event with Joe Fresh in Soho, so go check that out
I don’t drink, but I’m sure you guys will get a kick out of spiked cotton candy
Licorice. Wrapping. Paper. You’ll never want to, nor should you, wrap gifts in anything else
Gird your loins, I see a GIANT chocolate chip ice cream sandwich cake in your plans for this weekend!

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