The Ultimate Gummy Candy Guide

GUYS!!!! So. Much. Gummy. Candy! We’re swimming in candy over here and I’m definitely not complaining. It’s no secret how much I love candy, I even made homemade gummy candy in a previous post here, and we all know about some of the more generic of gummy candy; gummy bears, gummy worms, peach rings, etc. SO, I took to my two favorite candy stores (Sugarfina & Sockerbit) to buy some crazy flavors and take you all on the ULTIMATE sugar rush! So strap on your seat belts and get ready, there’s a lot to learn about gummies!

First a little history. Gummy candy was invented in 1922 in Germany by Haribo (they make the gummy worms, gummy bears, and peach rings), so it’s been around a pretty long time! And according to Wikipedia, Haribo factories produce over 100 million gummy bears per day, which is insane and SO much more than what I’ve rounded up here!

From Sugarfina:

Fruttini Blood Orange // Fruttini Italian Lemon // Apple Pie // Beach Buddies // Long-Stem Roses // Bubbly Bears // Love Parfait // Apricot Hears // Champagne Bubbles // Gummy Euros // Fruit Pillows // Hearts Afire // Mama & Baby Piglets // Gummy Mango // Apple Frogs // Super Sour Hearts // Queen of Hearts // Cuba Libre // Sugar Lips // Peach Bellini // Champagne Bears // Heavenly Sours

From Sockerbit:

Sour Peach Lips // Fizzy Roll // Mixed Sour Lips // Mini Gummy Eggs // Swedish Fish // Pear Bottles // Exotic Fruit Mix // Grona Grodor // Blueberry Pie // Barry Jordgubb // Hot Lips // Sockrade Hjartan // Stora Hjartan // Sweet Hearts // Chocolate Raspberry Gummy Bears

Gummy candy can be broken down into three main flavor categories: sour, fruity, and sweet. In the sweet category would be more of the dessert flavored gummies such as apple pie and champagne bubbles. Yes, these flavors actually exist and they provide the perfect little bite of dessert without actually eating a dessert! I’m a fan of the sour gummies too, but fruity flavored gummies are what I could eat a whole bag of in one sitting. The mini eggs were my favorite! (And they’re pretty cute too!)

I have a TON of candy to go eat now, so while I’m stuffing my face, get yourself some apple pie gummies from Sugarfina. (Seriously, these things are too good!) This is not a sponsored post, I just really really love gummy candy, and this was basically an excuse to have to eat a lot of it! Ha! 

Sugarfina has many locations in California and there are Sockerbit stores located in both LA and NYC.

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