DIY Ice Cream Cone Nail Decals + Printables

I couldn’t resist getting in some more ice cream action in before summer is over. And so many of my projects involve ice cream (proof here, here, and here), so what better way to show your love of ice cream than to put some cones on your nails too? Plus, I absolutely love to imagine someone eating an ice cream cone with miniature ice cream cones on their hand! What can I say, I always have ice cream on the brain! When I started taking care of my nails more in college, I found a new love for nail art and nail polish and discovered a really simple way to make your own nail decals using temporary tattoos. I promise, it’s really easy and there’s a free printable at the bottom so you can just print them right out at home. Now, go cover your nails in little rainbow cones and treat yourself to some real ice cream too!

This is probably one of the most painful things I have ever done for a photo. I just kept saying “do it for the photo” while I was actually dying inside. I wish we had time to take a behind the scenes photo too because my brother was holding a bowl under my hands so I didn’t drip ice cream everywhere! Ha! The things we do for an interesting photo…


White nail polish
Inkjet printer 
Tattoo paper (I bought mine here)
Wet sponge or paper towel


1. Using the instructions on the tattoo paper you bought, download and print out the decals at the bottom of the post. The tattoo paper I bought also had me put a sticky sheet over the tattoos after they had printed, so make sure to do that too if it calls for it.

2. Paint your nails white or whatever color you want them to be. The decals show up the best on white, but if you want a different color, make sure it’s fairly light. 

3. Cut out the decals and figure out the placement of how you want them to look on your nails before sticking them down. 

4. Peel off the clear film, stick them down on your nail and apply pressure with a wet paper towel or sponge until the white paper of the decal lifts off and it appears on your nail. Apply a clear coat to the top.  

I have been getting so many compliments on these, and it’s a ton of FUN to look down at your hands and see little ice cream cones. It’ll keep you smiling all day! The best part is you could do this with any image, so you can get super creative and put all different sorts of foods all over your nails (I can totally see you guys rockin’ some pizza or hamburger nails)! Get working on those nails and make sure to download the ice cream cone decals below!

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