DIY Gold Pretzel Marquee Light

Living in New York, I think it’s pretty much a requirement to love pretzels, and I’m definitely okay with pretzels and hot dogs being our associated foods. I’m 100% pretzels all the way, guys! (Especially when there’s chocolate involved too) As if a pretzel-shaped pillow wasn’t enough pretzel action this studio has seen, I made this pretzel marquee light too! AND, it’s GOLD! Oh, how I’d love an actual gold pretzel! This was one of the easiest things to make, and it will leave you enough cash in your pocket to afford a real pretzel (unlike some of the other marquee lights on the market.) So let’s dig in!

– Foam core
– Chip board or poster board
– Olfa/exacto knife
– Globe string lights 20 count (I got mine here)
– Hot glue gun
– Spray paint in the color of your choice (I used gold)

1. Start by tracing or drawing your image onto the foam core. Make sure you draw a large enough image based on the size of the lights you are using. The globe lights I bought were fairly large, so I ended up with a larger marquee light. 

2. Cut out the foam core using an exacto knife. You can cut out the circle holes for the lights with a knife as well or use a drill to make your life a little easier. 

3. Cut a 5″ wide strip out of your chip board or poster board long enough to wrap around the outside of the pretzel. Do the same for the three shapes on the inside as well. 

4. Hot glue the middle of the poster board strip along all open edges of the pretzel, making sure to crease the board in areas where there are corners. 

5. Once you have finished gluing all of the strips, you’re ready for spray paint.

6. When the spray paint is dry, unscrew the bulbs of your string lights, placing them in the holes of the pretzel and carefully screwing them back into their sockets. 

7. Hang and light up the room!

This is the first gif I have ever made, and I think I’m addicted now! Expect more gifs in the future!

I’m definitely on board with this pretzel trend. In fact, I’m already dreaming up some more fun pretzel projects, one of which involves pretzels you can actually eat! I hope you folks are on board too! (And I can’t wait to show you the whole studio finished. But for now, enjoy these little snippets!)

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