Sweet Tooth – Davey’s Ice Cream

Since it’s National Ice Cream Month and all, I wanted to do a Sweeth Tooth post about one of my favorite ice cream shops, Davey’s Ice Cream. One of the best things about ice cream shops in the city are that they are definitely not afraid to get a little creative with their flavors. I mean, I’ve had everything from a french toast ice cream to a black bean ice cream! I was pretty limited to mint chocolate chip before I moved here. (Don’t get me wrong, mint chocolate chip is DELICIOUS, but I definitely love a little variety)! 

The outside of Davey’s is super colorful, and they have the most adorable rainbow colored ice cream sign, so it was only necessary that I match the shop in my hot pink skirt from Unique Vintage. I totally needed more neon in my closet, and this is the perfect circle skirt to fill that position!    

I obviously had to wear my ice cream cone purse because it’s only fitting, right? And it’s probably my favorite novelty purse because I can actually fit my phone into it! (You novelty purse collectors know what I’m talking about, those things are tiny inside)!

This is speculoos chocolate chip ice cream! If you haven’t eaten speculoos, you haven’t lived. It’s a cookie from Belgium and it’s almost like a cross between a graham cracker and a gingerbread cookie. I feel like I’m betraying my favorite Thai tea ice cream, but this speculoos ice cream might be my new favorite! The Waffles and Dinges store also sells a mean speculoos ice cream, and you can get it on a waffle. Yes folks, an ICE CREAM WAFFLE!

What are you waiting for, it’s National Ice Cream month, eat as much ice cream as you can! (You have an excuse now when you finish the whole carton while watching Netflix! I am guilty of this so many times over. Ha!) If you want Davey’s Ice Cream to be one of your stops on your ice cream road trip, get some Thai tea ice cream or some speculoos ice cream and change your life! It’s located on Saint Marks and 1st Avenue in Manhattan. Save me a bite, and let me know if you have any other ice cream recommendations in NYC! 

Neon Top: Zara | Hot Pink Skirt: Unique Vintage | Ice Cream Bag: Unique Vintage | Pom Pom Shoes: Asos
This post was sponsored by Unique Vintage. All content and opinions are my own. Thank you for continuing to support sponsors that make this blog a little more Aww Sam! You can find more about my sponsorship opportunities here.

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