DIY Pineapple-Shaped Gummy Candy

Probably one of my favorite types of candy in the world to eat are gummy worms. When I was little I would always eat those gummy hamburgers, and now I’m constantly on the hunt for giant gummies shaped like fried eggs. In high school, my boyfriend even gave me about 20 bags of gummy worms for my birthday. I can’t get enough of them, so I obviously wanted to try and make them myself. One of the best things about gummy candy is that they can be shaped like anything, all you need is a mold! So after searching Amazon, I found a really fun pineapple mold (amongst others) to try out for the gummies!

– 1 cup of your favorite juice (I used Orange Pineapple, Strawberry Lemonade, and Grapefruit)
– 1 tablespoon lime juice or lemon juice depending on what flavor you want
– 1/4 teaspoon sugar
– 3 packets of gelatin
– Silicone mold to shape the gummies (I found the pineapple one here)

1. In a small pot, bring the juice to a boil. Once boiled, remove from heat and let cool for 2-3 minutes. 

2. Stir in lemon/lime juice and sugar.

3. Whisk in gelatin very slowly, only adding small amounts at a time. Keep whisking constantly or else your gummies will be lumpy. 

4. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature. Once cooled, pour into silicone mold and refrigerate for 2 hours. If you have refrigerated them long enough, you should be able to easily remove them from the mold.

5. Put some more sugar on the outside or enjoy as is!

*Tip: don’t leave them out of the refrigerator for too long or they will melt and get very sticky*

I used Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice for these. I used three different flavors; orange pineapple, grapefruit, and strawberry lemonade, and they all worked great! The best part about using Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice is that they’re all natural with no preservatives, so there are no hidden ingredients in them to prevent the gummies from setting properly! My favorite was the orange pineapple. I ate so many of those ones, I only had about four left to photograph! 

These were so much fun to make, and even more fun to eat as a healthier alternative to store bought gummy candy! They’re a great way to get your kids to eat fruit without them knowing too! I would even go so far as to eat these with my morning breakfast! I want to see your homemade gummy candy this weekend, so make sure to tag me on social media if you make them. Go wild, and don’t forget that the more fun the shape, the more fun they are to eat!

This post was sponsored by Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company. All content and opinions are my own. Thank you for continuing to support sponsors that make this blog a little more Aww Sam! You can find more about my sponsorship opportunities here.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi friend!

    This looks so yummy and charming; I'd love to try them! Im an amateur chef and lead 30 minute cooking lessons for kiddos and I think they'll love this kind of project. Do you think these will set in the freezer?

    Thank you for sharing!!


    1. Kiera,

      I think this would be a great project for kids! I'm not sure if they would set properly in the freezer though. I put mine in the freezer for a little while, but only for about 10 minutes before transferring them to the refrigerator. It's worth a try though, I don't see why it wouldn't work! 🙂

      xo Sam

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