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Since I follow along with the silly international/national days, I’m here to tell you that it’s International Kissing Day! And while I don’t care for all of that smooching and kissing, I do love lipstick and anything lip print, so I obviously had to use this day as an excuse to buy those lip sunglasses I’ve been eyeing at the Halloween store and show you how to turn a boring white top into something much more fun! There’s even a download link to free lip printables, so you have no excuse not to add this cute top to your wardrobe!

– Any shirt you want to use (White works the best for the light pink lips. Mine is a silk top from H&M)
– Iron-on transfer paper for inkjet printers
– A pillow case or a cloth
– Iron
– Lip sunglasses (for fashion)
– Lipstick obviously!

1. Follow the instructions on your iron-on sheets to print out the free lip page below.

2. After printing, allow sheets to dry for 30 minutes. Then carefully cut out the lips.

3. Turn your iron to the cotton setting or high. Place the lips face down on your shirt and put a cloth or pillow case over the iron-on. Press down on it for 20 seconds and remove cloth. Allow the iron-on to cool and remove the paper backing.

4. Make sure not to go back over any of the lips with the iron once you have removed the paper backing. The color will peel off of the shirt and onto your pillow case or cloth.

5. Get some lip sunglasses and rock your new top!

It’s only International Kissing Day for one day of the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your new lip print shirt all day every day! I know I’ll be rocking mine everywhere this summer. And don’t feel limited to making just a shirt with this DIY; I can see some killer lip print pants in my future in with these same printables!  

Plain White Top: H&M | Skirt: Unique Vintage | Sunglasses: New York Costumes

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