DIY Taco Purse

It’s Taco Tuesday and we’re going to taco ’bout a bag! As many of you already know, I have a HUGE obsession with novelty bags, especially ones that look like food. I have bags shaped like everything from a lemon slice to an ice cream cone, but after a lot of time searching, I couldn’t find a taco bag anywhere. I also had a lot of trouble finding a pizza purse so that tutorial might be next. (Charlotte Olympia made a taco bag a while back, but I definitely can’t afford an $1,000 bag! I wish!) Ever since going to Palm Springs, my love for tacos has continued to grow, and what better way to show off your love than by carrying a bag shaped like your favorite food! Get your tacos ready, we’re celebrating Taco Tuesday DIY-style! 

There is even a download link for the printable taco pieces at the end of the post, so this should be an easy one!

These tacos were SOOO good. I tortured myself by getting them to use as a prop too, so I had to wait until I was done taking photos before I could eat them. Gotta celebrate Taco Tuesday with some real tacos! (Go order some for delivery while you’re reading this post if you haven’t already!)

– Yellow bag (I got mine at Forever21, but they don’t seem to sell if online, so here is a similar one)
– Vinyl in red, yellow, brown, and green (I used this)
Vinyl adhesive for reinforcement if you feel necessary. I just used the sticky back on the vinyl itself and it’s holding up really well.

1. Download the PDF at the bottom of the post and print and cut out the taco pieces. 

2. Trace the pieces onto the corresponding color of vinyl and cut that out as well. (If you have a Cricut cutter or similar cutter, you can use my printable to cut the shapes directly out of the vinyl)

3. Remove the backing on the vinyl and place on the bag, starting with the lettuce first. I went in the order of lettuce, tomato, meat, cheese, shell for placement and to give the taco a layered look. If you choose to apply the vinyl adhesive, put on the back of the vinyl before sticking to the bag. 

The whole time I’ve been writing this post I’ve been singing Funkytown in my head but replacing the lyrics with “well I taco ’bout it, taco ’bout it, taco ’bout it, taco ’bout it.” And yes, that is a shirt with a taco coming out of the pocket, which you can find here (and it’s only $15 so you totally need it too)! Don’t forget to download the printable pieces below for help with your taco purse-making!

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