DIY Pizza Balloons

I obviously need to start this post with “In Pizza We Crust” because what would an Aww Sam post be without a really terrible pun?! Sorry it had to be done. I hope everyone is as still obsessed with pizza as I am because this post is filled with it! This is a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but I couldn’t for the life of me find yellow foil balloons in the city. I was recently introduced, however, to one of the most amazing stores I have ever been to called Balloon Saloon, which literally sells any balloon you could ever imagine. So after finally finding the perfect yellow balloons, I “cooked” up this paper mache pizza balloon DIY for you guys! 

(My guy also came home with a helium tank last week, so it made it a lot easier to do a project involving balloons. If any of you have ever tried to take a bag of inflated balloons on the subway, you’ll know my struggles!) 

I quickly learned that balloons are literally the worst models for photographs ever. They wouldn’t sit still long enough for the photo to be taken, so we finally threw in the towel and held them in place. I don’t know how so many of you do it with your incredible balloon photographs. Ha!

– Mod Podge glue (or you can make your by mixing equal parts of craft glue and water)
– Yellow balloons 
– Thin construction paper or tissue paper in red, white, and green
– Paintbrush big enough to cover your paper cut-outs

1. I started off by inflating the balloons. You can try to put the decorations on the balloons before inflating them, but just keep in mind that the balloon will stretch and might rip the paper. (I learned this the hard way)

2. Cut out your shapes; white mushrooms, green peppers, and red sauce and pepperoni. Apply a very thin layer of the mod podge over the top of the paper. The more glue you use, the heavier the balloon will get and they may no longer float. 

3. Allow the glue to dry completely, and decorate your pizza party with your awesome pizza balloons!

These are perfect for a pizza party or to keep your apartment fun if you’re an avid pizza-lover like me. I may have gone pizza crazy from this DIY because I’m already planning more pizza-related projects for the blog soon! I totally made myself hungry for a real pizza now. I guess I know what we’ll be eating for dinner! 

If you need any more super fun party ideas from myself or other extremely talented bloggers, make sure to follow my Pinterest board, Party Hard!

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