Weekend Round-Up

I took my flamingos for a walk this week, which was completely necessary with my new Kate Spade bag. Lawn flamingos are sooo cheap on Amazon! If I had an actual lawn, that thing would be covered in flamingos by now. 

Flamingo Bag: Kate Spade | Jumpsuit: Asos | Clogs: Lottas From Stockholm
As everyone probably knows by now (because of all of the excitement surrounding this day) National Donut Day is on Friday this week. Since I’m the donut guru/aficionado, a one day holiday is clearly not long enough, so we’re bringing you fun donut ideas all week! I’ll be posting my first National Donut Week tutorial tomorrow, so get ready! Let’s just say, I’m totally stepping up my donut game to bring you some really GOOD content. To prepare you for Friday, here are some links to donut-related things. This stuff will have you dressed head to toe in donut patterned fun!

Dinos + Donuts? This ring is so weird, but so necessary.
Try out these beach ball donuts! And make sure to tag them with #donutworrybeawwsam!
I definitely need this for my trip to Palm Springs.
And these. Because, really, who doesn’t need donut sunglasses?
For writing down all of your recipes and keeping track of your favorite donut shops.
I’ll take both colors please! I’d totally consider swapping all of my chairs for these.
Happy Eating! And don’t get too full on donuts before the week is over!

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