Weekend Round-Up

This is my favorite wall that we went to in LA. It’s at The Springs LA, a vegan restaurant where I had the most amazing taco salad and s’mores smoothie. Any place that can get me to eat something with the word “salad” in the title, is a winner in my book. (As a side note: there are no updates on a taco emoji release date, but you can know that I check the Internets for a specific date almost everyday)

So, as a bunch of you probably already know from my Instagram, we got back from Palm Springs this week and basically passed out for two days. You don’t realize the three hour time difference has actually affected you until you’re sleeping in until 1pm consistently! Anyways, we got ourselves back on schedule and back to work quickly, and have a lot of really fun things planned for this week. (One of those things might be a recap of our time in Palm Springs and a printable map from one of my favorite illustrators. If anyone asks, you didn’t hear this from me!)

Another exciting piece of news is that Aww Sam is moving! If everything goes well (fingers crossed!) we’re moving to a studio in Downtown Brooklyn and we’ll be looking for an intern in August. The official call for applications will happen once we get settled in, so keep your eyes peeled for more info soon! Without further ado, here are some links for the week…

This Monki bag is finally in stock at Asos! Bananas!
Palm trees AND sequins?! You obviously need this shirt.
Love this tote DIY. And Rachel’s hair is the best shade of pink, so you’ll love her too.
If you can, go sign up for this craft night and send me the necklace you make because I want one!
These pineapple sunglasses are for kids, but they fit me so you should get them.
And some photography inspiration! Love these photos of the Lets Playground mats!
There’s also an up to 50% off sale at Modcloth, so treat yo’ self obviously!

On me:

Dress: Anthropologie | Necklace: I made it! | Hat: H&M (similar here)

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