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If you haven’t noticed, popsicles have gotten quite the makeover the past few years. It seems like we went from Good Humor to gussied up, artisanal pops overnight. You may have survived on push-pops as a kid, but let’s be honest, artificial flavors and colors don’t compare to these new flavors. Places like Popbar and People’s Pops have become frozen dessert musts in New York with their innovate twists on this summer staple, and I’m here to show you one of my new favorite spots.

So I present to you, Popbar as the second installment in my Sweet Tooth series! This Sweet Tooth series is definitely going to become one of my favorite parts of this blog because it gets me into places that I’ve passed by many times, but never actually tried, like Popbar in the West Village! It’s also VERY rare that I get a break from working non-stop, so I savor the moments where we get to go out and actually have some fun. Plus, who doesn’t want to try frozen coffee on a stick?! 

After asking the person that worked there many times if this was a really weird combination, I got the mango bar dipped in dark chocolate with crushed waffle bits. Turns out he was right; it’s totally not weird and mango with dark chocolate actually tastes really delicious! And I could never pass up crushed waffle on a popsicle!

Obviously had to get the color popsicle that matched my shoes.

The almond or the coffee will definitely be the next flavors I want to try. Too bad they don’t offer donut bits as a option to get on your popsicle, I’d be all over that in a hot minute! Maybe my next food related DIY should be coffee popsicles with donut bits. Yum!

Definitely try Popbar if you’re in New York. It’s located in the West Village and is right around the corner from the IFC Center so you can grab a popsicle and then go see a movie right after!

Banana Necklace: Tatty Devine | Flamingo Bag: Kate Spade | Dress: Anthropologie |Shoes: Lotta From Stockholm

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