Mini Donut Game Night + Printables

Whoever said to never play with your food obviously didn’t have to resist the cuteness of mini donuts! Here at Aww, Sam we are all about having fun with food, so it was only natural during donut week to play some games with the cutest miniature donuts you’ll ever see. Tic-tac-toe, or tic-tac-dough as I’ve been calling it, was an obvious choice as one of the easiest and one of my favorite games, and I chose checkers and bingo (I called it donut) to be part of the game night fun too. 

Get ready to amp up your family game nights with some cute mini donuts because there are some free printables involved too! (Download link is at the bottom of the post)

These games involve lots of mini donuts, which I made using this pan and the recipe in my last post. I know their cuteness might be too much to handle, but try to avoid eating them before playing the games!

You definitely have to scream out “Donut!” instead of bingo when you win this one! That’s one of the new rules. Also, how perfect is this tacky visor I found? It makes me feel like a legitimate bingo player and it’s totally coming with me on my trip to Palm Springs. And I’ll admit that the mini bingo cage made me scream with excitement. My guy even painted the handle bubblegum pink, so now it’s even more amazing!

It’s totally acceptable to eat your opponents pieces once you jump over them in checkers. Have fun playing and don’t be a sore loser, you’ll get to eat mini donuts no matter what so everyone wins in this situation!  

(The checkers and donut bingo are too large to fit on one letter sized piece of paper so print them out in sections and tape them together)

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  1. This is so cute! As is the rest of your blog, which I just discovered!! At first I thought those donuts were made of clay or something… which would also be fun!

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