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So excited to share with you all my favorite candy store, Sockerbit! I’ve been eating my weight in candy over the last few days and I’m ready to show you why! Sockerbit is home to a dizzying array of Scandinavian sweets and possibly New York’s best selection of licorice. Most of the candy is smagodis, meaning little candies, and includes marshmallows, chocolates, and hard candies in the best variety of colors a color-lover could ever dream of! 

Every single one of these candies is interesting and makes the eating experience unique. No joke, I had a raspberry gummi bear covered in chocolate and a giant marshmallow shaped like a dolphin. And everything in the store is white except for the candy, which makes it a perfect place to snap some photos too. So if you’re ever in New York, visiting Sockerbit is a MUST! This candy is definitely a part of the doctor’s orders. 

SO. MUCH. CANDY. I still haven’t tried any of the lollipops so those are definitely my next thing to try!

Those little pink balls of joy are the BEST strawberry hard candies I’ve ever had. I’m currently eating one while I write this post. Seriously can’t get enough! And to the left of those are the richest, chocolate covered almonds. I don’t have any of those left, and I’m seriously longing for them now. 

Sockerbit is located at 89 Christopher St in the West Village, and they also have an LA location which Oh Joy blogged about here! If you can’t make it out to either location, don’t worry because they have an online store too.

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