Aww, Sam Introduction!

Hi, I’m Sam! Welcome to my little area of the internet! After lots of hard work building this space (sometimes it felt like this would never be complete), I’m so excited I get to share more donuts and all around fun with you on this blog. 
I hope I can inspire all of you to get your creative juices flowing and make! Get ready for DIYs, baking, confetti, balloons, and whatever crazy stuff you can imagine! It’s sure to be an Aww-Sam time! 

                     Top: ASOS | Pants: Motel Rocks | Bag: Redbubble | Sunglasses: Whitepepper

Also, a huge thanks to Melissa of Design, Eat, Repeat for the original theme and all of the help! Couldn’t have made this blog without her!

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4 Responses

  1. Just stumbled on you blog and just wanted to compliment you on how well-done it looks! Clean and your posts are simple and entertaining. As a fellow newbie blogger, I know it's crazy hard, but I love your content so far!

  2. Hi Sam I love you and your creations so much I visit your blog almost everyday! I will definitely try your diys too. Hope to see more of your diys soon!

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